Tuesday, September 25, 2018

ចិនជឿឬមិនជឿហ៊ុន សែនបើចិនឲ្យខ្ចីលុយ?​ ឯគឹម សុខប្រកាសជំហរមិនដើរចូលគុកដាច់ខាត។

Start from the ground up!
The Trinity Nation: 3 major races run the whole country - the people of the whole nation get hurt! No more installment, please! Come, See, and Establish a government with the people that the whole system can support and serve the people, rather than let a certain greedy group that not only fail to serve the people but dominates and confuses the people as they have done up to this present.

UNITED NATION,  if your heartS and will are based on helping the people of this little nation, then get to the source - start from the ground up, not installing leaders to your favor. Review your series history of failing to help by chasing after many leaders, and in turn, increasing the problem endlessly up to this present. My question is this - is it your goal to have people continue suffering and confusing ever, while the immoral and illegal group can gulp up with endless pleasure and benefits, just like this nation had built up from the beginning with outsiders taking great advantage on her?
The Trinity Nation: Three major races combined with many minor races made up a nation stemmed from two major businesses nations mixed with the local nation to be a powerful but confusing from the mixed power of her surrounding nations. The ongoing existing issues of today are multiplying and progressing endlessly due to mainly the desire beneficiaries of the individual(s) (businesses) using or taking the sources away from the society of the nation - their hearts are not within, but taking advantage of the society nation for their pleasure and benefits. The Nation has built and/or established from a wrong mindset. There are three combined ways to solve this. 1. Take the business mindset away from the nation. 2. Take away or dismantle the power of leaders. And 3. The United Nation comes in to prepare and re-educate the local people to know their right and practice it, and help establish a government system along with the people that the government system has to serve and support the people not dominate them. When the nation is strong and able to select the right leader to run the government for at least 3 terms reflecting the contents from the Peace Agreement as stated by the United Nation and her parties, then this United Nation can leave this nation alone, but still going into every year to evaluate for the quality of the governing activities if it has been aligned with the contents of the Peace Agreement or not. The United Nation has to do this until all parties and the people have proved to the United Nation that they can now run their own government without an evaluation group from the United Nation to evaluate, and all parties have to sign the new agreement.

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