Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mr. Sorn Dara Talk Show - លោកហ៊ុន សែនថា មិនអោនក្បាលដាក់បរទេសដាច់ខាត #Khm...

United Nation and The Peace Agreement: The Trinity Nation
United Nation! Come! See! Establish! The Trinity Nation needs you to carry out your PEACE AGREEMENT fulfill your obligation with the people of this Trinity Nation. See what has happened when you fail to carry out your mission! The people of this nation have been degrading, dehumanizing, being made as a slave to other nations via the illegal leaders and greedy group. Come, See, and Establish the government that can support and serve the nation rather than you working through this illegal and immoral greedy group. Start it now before it is too late. If you still choose to ignore and let this greedy illegal and immoral group continue destroying this nation, your image as the leader of the world will go down history as the supporter of the slave master, murderer, and immoral greedy group.

You will be witnessing that this Trinity Nation is heading to down the road as Beyond The Year Zero, starting with the UNITED NATION PEACE AGREEMENT at point The Year Zero. Beyond The Year Zero will be a next historical story that you, the UN has created for this Trinity Nation. The Year Zero, this Trinity Nation only lost lives, but all natural sources within the country are remaining, no land lost, and no other countries controlling, navigating, and managing the nation to now the point of losing as even own dignity - freedom as the owner of properties, freedom of speech, freedom as self-managing, self-expressing - human being among other races residing from other countries. And you have played a part of this game via not taking the vital step in solving the issue from the star up to this present. Remember! You are well aware of the situation whether you taking action or not, for you all are the experts having the highest expertise in your field - most of you not an ordinary group of leaders. Most of you might have at least a master and/or Doctor degree and have been working for quite some time in the professional field of human servicing. Therefore, it's wise to not excusing from your responsibility of helping this Trinity Nation. Remember! Beyond The Year Zero will be coming up to enlighten the world of your action absenting from obligation fulfilling reflecting your PEACE AGREEMENT with the leaders of the Trinity Nation in helping the people of this nation to have a better lifestyle - Freedom, the owner of the country.

Now, UNITED NATION! Come! See! Establish! At this present because of you neglection, people lost their lands, properties, and dignity by the immoral outsiders, greedy leaders, and the illegal groups taking advantage of them.

Come and see for yourself, then stand your ground fulfilling your obligation as stated in the PEACE AGREEMENT. Else, you will be a liar down the history book of this nation for the whole world to hear and testify for generations, repeating and echoing within the mind, heart, and mouth forever.

Now, you have two options:
1. Let it be - Let the bad guy continue the immoral. illegal, and greedy activities as has been done so far.
2. Come in and carry out the mission as has been stated in the PEACE AGREEMENT.

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