Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mrs. Gechlang Chea talk show about តើនរណាហ៊ានដកកៅអីអន្តរជាតិ - Cambodia ...

The present lifestyle is the reflection of the past combine with the progressive activities of this present lifestyle which help to predicate the future to be what you want to live or not. To solve the present issues and to steer away from it, prevent it from happening in the future, you have to fix the present issues and establish a new plan stemmed from the present utilizing or overseeing the present issues via employing the past true evidences to varying of the present issues in helping you fix the issues and creating a new plan or modernizing the existing plan combining new idea-planing to come up with the best plan for the future - a new lifestyle to be living in. Strategy for fixing the problem is to first conduct the research into areas: Primary Research and Secondary Research based your decision on with the goal setting of finding the truth by not mixing with anything else besides the fact of the past and the present else your decision would not be based on the truth, but on bias. And the issues would not be solved and will be repeating into the future. To assure that your research is not based on bias, you need to employ the following question tools: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. Before you start conducting the Research you need to have a clear mind and set your goal on your mission. Creating your best objective, strategy, and tactics to attack and solve the issues. This line of strategical format is aligning with the Chinese ideology or proverb stemmed from the E-Change, to learn and master the new skill, you need to free yourself from what you already know. Yes, to fix the current problem and eliminate it completely, you need to employ this technique in your Research Conduction.

Message to an intelligent group: Watch the flow of people at the event beyond the color setting. They might be the one that destroys you for supporting the wrong leader, dictator. Use your power to stop this monster before it destroys you. Stop it at your home: during the movement steaming up and when it's silent. Take the picture and find out the real story. Don't give in or you will be destroyed - just a matter of time, you be facing the biggest war at the end of time.
What is the standard human moral of the United Nation? Is the human standard of the United Nation stemmed from the Law of Darwin ( The strong eat up the weak. b
What is the United Nation? Who established or created the United Nation? Why had the United Nation been established? What is the purpose for having the United Nation? What is the original statement and mission of the United Nation? What is the objective of the United Nation? Who had then joined the United Nation after the original members? What is the qualification for joining the United Nation? Who had invited the new members into the United Nation? Had the new members been evaluated and matched the qualification or standard of the United Nation's expectation? United Nation and her joined members, those who had signed the Peace Agreement hold full responsibility for any damage due to their failure in fulfilling their obligation.

Had United Nation pushed or reversed the unfortunate Nation back to the year zero or even worse by failing to fulfill her obligation? The United Nation and her partners hold full responsible?

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