Saturday, September 29, 2018

ទស្សនះ ដ៍អសា្ចរ្យ ឧ.គួច ម៉េងលី success life |ជីវីតជោគជ័យ

To Be Or Not To Be - it is the question for you to fulfill?
Come! See!  Establish the government system with the people that support and serve the people.

OBLIGATION is a must not a should! The obligation is taking full responsibility to accomplish the goal setting regardless of anything occurring or obstacle - not based on an excuse from accomplishing the goal.
UN supports illegal, immoral, and greedy groups - let some of their members degrade, dehumanize, enslave, murder, and destroy the people of the Trinity Nation. How? By not taking full responsibility, neglecting the PEACE AGREEMENT that the UN and her partners have been signed. Remember! You and your partners have been broken the PEACE AGREEMENT by letting this illegal, immoral, and greedy groups selling the Trinity Nation to some of your communist immoral groups. Furthermore, by not taking full responsibility in reflecting the PEACE AGREEMENT, allow the people of this nation getting more confused and in turn fighting against each other endlessly. By doing this, you have hidden your past and present guilts along with taking full responsibility, which stated on the PEACE AGREEMENT but gulps up good image and benefits abroad. This is matched perfectly just like a coin with two faces or the moon and the sun. If my statement is wrong, then present your case reflecting the PEACE AGREEMENT, else you have been a liar or immoral propaganda against the Trinity Nation. Please come, see, and start fulfilling your obligation. Please stop supporting, backing, and delaying your obligation before this nation fall into BEYOND THE YEAR ZERO. If it has happened, it will bear your name down the history of the Trinity Nation, echoing throughout the world, many generations to come acclaiming your failure and bad reputation.

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