Friday, April 10, 2020


Asking for help to spread out this bad message that can save people from professional popular modern world legal scam within our global village. I post here to share and to get advice as you can see within the contents of my letter sharing. Here it is.... Dear Friends: At this time I need all the help I can get. It is not giving me money. It is not making me money. And it is not spending money to make money. That all has gone down to the toilet. It's trash ideology of the rip off. This is what I am facing now. And I need all the help I can get from friends around the global. Here is my issue. There are many companies have now ripping me off for good. They easily let me in and join their programs or systems - money making systems or programs. After I invested or spent my money, I lost some to some companies, and other companies I make some money with my investment money, but either way, I cannot withdraw my money (whatever left I have within my account) transferring it out to my bank or any wallets at all. Please help me out on this. Please advice me how to get my money from these rip off companies. Here are the two main rip off companies. 1. Coinbase 2. Please help me. This is one of the reason that I have always resist to join any company. However, even though I have tried many times and many times I have failed to stop myself taking strong action to push myself into myself - not involving any business or trusting anyone. Sorry to point this to you. But it is really happened to me endlessly throughout the years. And since I am so poor and do not like to live in the bad poor life that is what I use little money I have to try improve my living lifestyle but then end up with these rip off companies. Please help me out with tis situation. I hate my life living in short of money and not being resourceful and I hate these companies doing this to me, especially, during this COVID 19. Somehow and almost everyday when my mind awake and alarm thinking of these rip off companies I thought of them just like the COVID 19 or even worth think of them as the murderer as Vampire. Anyway, if you can help, please email me back or call me at 415-350-2205. Thank you in advance for your understanding and sincerely assistance. Khath Ourng

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